Educational Magic Shows

Perfect for schools and libraries

The Magic of Reading

When is a reading class not a reading class? When it’s Pete’s fun-filled Magic of Reading Show!

This is the perfect way to get kids EXCITED about reading.

Pete introduces kids to the great characters of book history, from Tom Sawyer to Harry Potter.

Kids learn about punctuation in a joke-filled interactive lesson and Pete literally makes the greatest books ever COME TO LIFE!

This is the perfect show for schools and libraries.

Most importantly, the fascination for reading will carry on after the show.

The first priority of most teachers is finding a program that will have a lasting effect. That’s where Pete’s Magic of Reading show really pays off. Not only does the magic capture the kids’ interest, but most importantly the educational message is combined with the magic, making it memorable for the kids.

Plus, everyone gets a free activity sheet that can be used when they get home or in their classrooms. The fun facts, projects, and puzzles pick up where the show left off and keeps the excitement going. Kids learn more when they are actively involved than any other way.


Strap on your spacesuit as we lift off for the most fun magic show in the universe!

Balloon dogs teleport, moon rocks magically multiply and planets spin around the room as you join Magic Pete on a cosmic adventure that’s perfect for themed birthday parties, schools and libraries.

You’ll learn some amazing facts about our planets while being mystified by the magic and laughing at the antics of Magic Pete - the ultimate space cadet!

The balloon jetpack is on and we’re ready to be blasted into a celestial spectacle that’s truly OUTTA THIS WORLD!

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